Wes Williams-Lee

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I was born in Dublin, Ireland and live in London with my husband Jack and baby Freddie, I immigrated to London after completing my Engineering Degree and in 2015 I graduated as a Master of Laws. Jack is a London boy and works in Banking. Growing up gay in Ireland I ruled out having children for obvious reasons, however in 2009 Jack and I discussed having kids on our first few dates and even though we saw it as near impossible at the time, we were on the same page and we dared to challenge the odds stacked against us. In 2014 we embarked on the Surrogacy journey, by attending conferences, trying to understand the process and researching countries which had the right balance of altruistic and contractual surrogacy; we found Canada to be the perfect match and I am delighted to say that on the 11th of January 2018 Fredrik Williams-Lee entered the world, here is a poem written by my husband Jack which captures our journey:

Fredrik Williams-Lee has entered the world
Red like a lobster and big toes curled
He’s eight weeks early and gives us a fright
So two nervous Daddies jump on a flight
Winter rages and blizzards delay
But noting we face will stand in our way
We’ve fought for his life for three long years
A complex journey with smiles and tears
We’ve made friends for life with our surrogate star
Who has minded our baby with us a far
With him in our arms our lives are complete
And together as one we will excitingly meet
Life’s ups, downs, challenges and joys
First steps, words and favourite toys
So we welcome our son on the 11th January
To our beautiful Williams-Lee family.

As IP’s the wait for a surrogate match is one of the hardest parts, but dreams do come true and little Freddie is the proof! : )

Our journey not only gave us the gift of our first child but also developed our passion to help other IP’s become families. We matched with Lindsay (her lovely daughter Isabelle gave us the news, heartmelter!), who is simply the best and now very much part of our family. Through the bond that grew on our journey together we embarked on creating 4USC, where IP’s can have access to an open, experienced and an honest surrogacy journey, with surrogates, IPs and the relationships that blossom being supported 100%. Surrogacy is a magical experience where I believe the journey creates stronger bonds that we may even have within our own families.

I believe that everyone should have the right to be a parent regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. I look forward to helping international IPs realise their dreams of becoming families. Where hope grows, with our help it can become reality.