Tammy Ripley


Often times people ask me what it is that brought me to Surrogacy. Well it’s not just “one reason” but I can say, I have one main reason. In 2012, my husband and I adopted our youngest daughter. Though it’s not through Surrogacy , but we were able to finish our family because of the love of someone else’s. I needed an ultimate give back! When I heard about some other friends starting their journeys, I felt drawn in. 2 journeys later and 3 heathy Surro babies in , and I can’t seem to get enough Surrogacy! Which started my passion for all things Surrogacy.

I actually heard about 4U Surrogacy back in the summer of 2019, I went to a Surrogacy retreat and a fellow Surrogate told me about it. So guess what? I went home and googled and found out they were right around the corner from me( ok 2.5 hours but in Alberta anything can be close in a drive )

Having the perfect match is the world to me. Being able to help a Surrogate and an Intended parent essentially fall for each other in the best friend kind of way is something that warms my heart. It’s a commitment on everyone’s part of this journey. Seeing a friendship, hope and essentially a family built on this match is by far the best feeling.