Stevie Brocksom

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It all started when...

After my first daughter was born a friend asked me as a joke if I would have a baby for her.  Little did I know the joke had some truth to it.  She was born without a uterus. 

I went home that night and reached out to a surrogacy agency.  I was signed up the next night.  I have had three transfers and I have an angel surro baby.  I am no longer medically able to have surrogate babies, however I have one miracle keeper that was born this January.  

I’ve been with my very supportive husband, Eric, for 10 years, and together we have two wonderful daughters.  I want to set the example for them to follow their dreams and never settle.  

Since becoming a surrogate, I shared my story far and wide and have found a passion for teaching others the joy of surrogacy and knew one day I wanted to work for an agency.  

Supporting women has become my entire life and I believe I was meant to support, empower and educate women to fulfill their potential.