Rikki Mortensen

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Well where do we begin… As a parent who has been blessed with three incredible children and who has also suffered through my fair share of loss, it’s been such a passion for me to help families.  I was so drawn to surrogacy from such a young age due to witnessing a family member struggle through infertility.  I also lost my beautiful son at the age of 14 months and just knew that it was going to be my mission to help others and do it in honour of him.  

I gave birth to my incredible surrogate twins in December of 2016 and also gave birth to my third surrogate baby in 2019.  The bond and love I feel for both families is like no other.  My experience with surrogacy allows me to be able to help other involved in surrogacy because I have not had the “perfect” journeys each time.  I have gone through with  my incredible surro families a pre-term twin birth, NICU visits, a 12 week miscarriage with my second journey, failed transfers, but also the Mose magical times I could ever imagine. 

My main goal here is to help our surrogates and intended parents feel safe to ask questions, share their journey and get help whenever they need it.  Surrogacy is such a beautiful journey that has changed my life and I am here to support as many as I can through that as well.  I am experiences with so many scenarios in surrogacy and it’s my mission to show everyone that all staged of the journey matter and that we hold space and love for anything along the way.  I want to be here not only during the beautiful memories, but also for the hard stuff.  I am that shoulder to cry on, that person to talk to when things get a little tough, I’m here to laugh with you, cry with you and navigate the rollercoaster that is surrogacy.

I am a certified yoga teacher with a specialization in pre and post pregnancy yoga.  I would love to bring relaxation, meditation and yoga into anyone’s journey who is interested as well.  I feel the benefits for transfer, post transfer and all through pregnancy are so incredible for the journey.  

I can’t wait to help you along your journey and just know I am here along with the team every step of the way.

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