Jasmine Oliver

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Hi everyone, 

I’m Jasmine and I’m a full time mom to 9 lovely kids, 3 cheeky dachshunds and I work as a legal assistant as well in our small town. All of our kids play sports competitively (hockey, football and dance) so we’re a very busy family being pulled in a million directions. That’s never stopped me from wanting to be there for other people and help where I can, and this is why I turned to surrogacy. 

Surrogacy isn’t always sunshine, which is a hard pill to swallow when you’re with an agency that doesn’t have your back. I’ve had 3 journeys, 2 with 2 other agencies, that didn’t go as planned and 4u was the only agency that made sure I was taken care of, no matter what. When you’re the surrogate that’s hard to find. 

I’ve seen from so many other journeys that surrogacy can create beautiful friendships filled with love and trust and all the warm and fuzzy things that surrogates hope for but are scared won’t happen. It does happen. All the time. Having those of us that haven’t always had that experience in your corner though, it brings a different level of support to our ladies. 

When Lindsay came to me about this position, to say I’m greatful to be a part of this family is an understatement. This agency isn’t about money. The staff runs this with love and compassion and it’s truly opened my eyes to how surrogacy should be. Don’t let anyone else tell you that you should have to settle for less. 

We’re here for everyone, parents and surrogates, through all the good and the bad. I know, because I experienced that first hand before I was even considered as part of the team.