Crystal Campbell


It all started when…

My name is Crystal and I am a proud surrogate.  For me it all started as a young adult.  When I learned a friend of mine may not be able to have her own kids, I immediately without hesitation offered to carry a baby for her.  Thankfully it was not needed but the idea had always been in my mind. Fast forward a decade after having my two beautiful children, I knew I still wanted to help others create families.  I started my journey late August 2021 with a successful transfer January 2022.

Entering the surrogacy world has created such passion for me.  I knew immediately this was exactly what I was meant to do.  Although I am early in my journey (set to give birth in September) I have such a strong passion to help others with their journey to become a surrogate.  

Outside of the surrogacy world, I am a wife, a mama of two littles, a fur mama and a Registered Nurse working in the ICO.  While all of those keeps me busy, I decided I needed to continue in the surrogacy world even after my journey ends.  Thankfully the 4U team agreed and I am now a part of such an incredible team of caring individuals who all have the same goal: to create families.  I look forward to using my experiences as well s my medical background to help you with your journey in any way I can.  Together, we can continue spreading love and creating families.  Thank you for being here.