Alex Suarez


It all started when…

Many years ago, my dear friends, a gay couple, began talking about starting a family.  I was so excited at the thought of them becoming dads that I offered to be their surrogate.  They decided to try for adoption first, but the idea of becoming a surrogate stuck with me for many years.  As someone with PCOS, I was told at a young age that conceiving children would be difficult, if not impossible.  I thought I had accepted that fate, but as time went on my feelings of despair grew and I suddenly found myself longing for motherhood.  Thankfully, in spite of the odds, I went on to have a beautiful baby girl in 2015.  Connecting my dream to reality changed my perspective on life and love, and one I knew I could become pregnant and carry a baby to term, the idea of surrogacy resurfaced.  I felt more drawn to the idea of helping another family turn their dream of being parents into reality.  I met my wonderful intended parents in 2017 and gave birth to their precious daughter in 2018.  I went on to have another child of my own in 2020; a baby boy.  Watching the bond between these siblings grow has been an incredible reward, and has shown me the importance of siblings.  So I’m excited to be embarking on a sibling journey with my intended parents.  

In the 5 years since I’ve joined the surrogacy community, I’ve learned so much about the process, I’ve forged incredible friendships with both surrogates and intended parents, and I’ve expanded my family in the connection I have made with my intended parents and their children.  I have absolutely loved watching all of these families grow!

I’m currently enrolled in Sheridan College, in Toronto, to become a social worker.  I hope to use my experience in surrogacy, and my educational training to support you in any way I can.