Simple 10-Step Process

Step One

All Surrogates and Intended Parents will be sent an information package to learn more about their potential role. They will then fill out our in-depth application that is to be filled out in its entirety in order to ensure everyone fits the requirements for their role. It also allows us the opportunity to get to know everyone a bit more and what preferences you may have when it comes to finding a match.

Step Two

Documentation Submitted
Fully completed applications, medical history, recent photos, and proof of identity will be required by everyone.

Step Three

Surrogate Pre-Screening by our Social Worker

By having all of our Surrogates pre-screened we are able to ensure that everyone is prepared and capable of handling the ups and downs of the process.  It also gives everyone the chance to become familiar with who will be there for support throughout their journey.

Step Four

Introduction to ongoing support team
We have a strong team that will be available at any point in your journey.  We have support workers for the day to day questions or concerns you may have, as well as our registered psychologist (potentially a local psychologist depending on location) that can be there for more major concerns or issues that may arise throughout the process.  With different levels of support we are able to provide everyone with the support they need.

Step Five

Create a Bio
We ask everyone to either create a video or a written bio. This bio should tell their story. This would be the beginning of a beautiful journey. It is important to make the bio personal. The bio will be the first thing others will see, so will make the first impression. While a video can help create a more emotional feel, a written bio can often be easier to create. There is no wrong decision in this.  Everyone will do what they feel is best for them.

Step Six

The matching process is up to you.  We give you the guidance you need to find a match, but the decision of who you match with has to be done by you.  It is important to get to know a potential match to ensure you are making the decision that is best for you. Take some time to ask questions and really understand where they stand on certain issues to make sure it will not cause problems later, leading to needing a new match.  Open honesty is best throughout the entire process, especially in the matching phase. Some often refer to this phase as “dating”….it really does feel like it is sometimes!

Step Seven

Full Psychological and Medical Screening
Once you are matched, we will arrange for your full assessment with our social worker. This will allow everyone to ensure that all involved are fully prepared and capable of the journey ahead. You will then begin your surrogacy journey with the fertility clinic. Medical screenings are conducted on all surrogates. These screenings typically involve blood tests, pelvic exams, ultrasounds, sonohysterograms and medical history evaluations. The clinics may also have a psychological assessment done with their own professional to ensure you are all prepared for the journey ahead.

Step Eight

Once the screening process is all complete it will come time to create and sign a contract. It is important that both sides have their own lawyer for this part of the process. The contract is required by most clinics before they will allow an embryo transfer. It is put in place to help protect everyone involved.

Step Nine

Embryo Transfer
This step is a very exciting one as it can begin to feel more real. Surrogates, at this point, have been on medications for at least a few days. You will get to see photos of the embryo(s). IP’s are typically welcome, and encouraged, to be present for transfer. If IP’s cannot be present, a member of our team will do their best to be there if you wish.

Step Ten

Ongoing support during journey
One of the most important roles we at 4U Surrogacy Canada plays is that of a valuable support system for everyone! We are here for you from the very beginning through to the very end! We don’t abandon you at any point in your journey!  We can be there as much or as little as you need us. If the amount of support you are receiving is not what you are wanting, simply tell us and we will adjust the support level to match your needs. We have someone available at nearly all hours, so support is never far off! No issue is ever not important to us. Nothing is ever too much information. You can come to any member of our team at any point in your journey and we will do everything we can to help you! You are our priority!