About Us

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Our Vision

To empower families through a strong community for Intended Parents and Surrogates. Where our community can feel safe, informed, and most important of all, supported from the beginning through to the very end of their journey. 

We have all been through our own surrogacy journeys, therefore we are able to share what we have learned in order to help ensure your journey is a positive experience.  4U Surrogacy Canada Inc. builds a strong relationship of trust and confidence through its high ethics and morals with all of its families.

Our Story

It all began with Surrogacy. Wes and his husband wrote to Lindsay in hopes she would be their Surrogate to help them live their dream of parenthood. It was an instant connection that led to a dream journey for everyone and resulted in the birth of a son in January 2018.  From that incredible journey came the desire to help create incredible journeys for others pursuing Surrogacy.

The desire to give back and help others navigate the emotional journey of Surrogacy has brought us together with multiple friends from the Surrogacy community to offer our combined expertise. Together we are creating a company that is built on Integrity, Empathy, Honesty, Understanding and Support. We all share the same desire to help give hope to those seeking to grow their families through Surrogacy.

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