The Journey Begins with Hope


Our Mission

4U Surrogacy Canada Inc. is passionate and dedicated in helping to create and grow families through education, support and through the experiences we have gained.

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Interested in being a Surrogate? There are some requirements and things to know.

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Intended Parents

We recognize the struggles Intended Parents face to become parents. We also know that not every path is the same and we strive to cater to each journey as its own. We will always do whatever we need to help the journey be as positive and as smooth as possible. We are accepting of all potential family dynamics. 4U Surrogacy is a place of positivity, support, honesty and strong ethics.

Cost of Surrogacy

One of our frequently asked questions surrounds the cost of Surrogacy. We have compiled an estimated breakdown of costs to help anyone involved in the journey.

*Subject to change depending on various matters: provience, clinic, doctor, etc*

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What Makes 4U Surrogacy Different?

At 4U Surrogacy we have all had our own experiences with Surrogacy. We have an understanding of what everyone is and will go through. We were founded by an experienced Surrogate and Intended Father. Everyone we bring on board has their own experiences that allow them to be a huge asset to us and you.

Our fees are all-inclusive. You won’t find out later that you will have to pay more if you want added services or more support. We are there for you from the very beginning until you feel you no longer need our services. We will never abandon you.

We recognize that everyone has different needs and we cater to that. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach. We are willing to work with any clinic you feel is best for your journey. We are always willing to make recommendations, but recognize that each step of the journey needs to be right for you.

We do our absolute best to fully screen all Surrogates to ensure they are properly prepared for the journey ahead. This allows us to better support them but also allows you the peace of mind in knowing that the Surrogates are less likely to back out because they have not properly understood what being a Surrogate entails.

We encourage everyone to become more knowledgeable about all aspects of Surrogacy, not just their own. By learning about what the other side goes through it can help with understanding more about why they may act in certain ways at certain times. It can also allow for a stronger bond, respect and communication.

Your journey is our journey. We share the ups, the downs, and everything in between. When you need us, we are here for you.